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Volunteer Applications

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At our annual Festival in March

The Festival is a huge event with many simultaneous sessions taking place requiring all kinds of jobs to be done. We need approximately 300 volunteers in March at the Festival.

Preference will be given to volunteers who can work full days especially on March 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th. And to those volunteering for a minimum of 4 shifts.

Throughout the year

There are various events that take place at our offices, Dar Al Adaab near Dubai Creek, so we are always looking for volunteers to assist us at these events.

Application Process:

  • After you submit the application form, you will receive a confirmation email
  • All applications will be added to our volunteers database and selected candidates will be contacted in January 2017
  • Placement confirmations will begin February 2017
  • We can only accept a limited number of the most appropriate volunteers for each area. When all volunteer roles are filled, remaining applications will be added to a waiting list

We are sorry we are unable to provide:

  • Visa assistance or sponsorship
  • Flights or transport to/ from the venue
  • Accommodation or any additional expenses

Volunteer roles and responsibilities*

  • Room/ Area Managers
  • Room Crew
  • Area Crew
  • Education Days
  • School Visits
  • Box Office
  • Author Signing
  • Queue Control
  • Fringe
  • Communications and Media

*subject to availability

Here’s what our past volunteers had to say about their experience at the Festival:

“I had a wonderful time volunteering at the EAFOL. I learned a lot, heard a lot and met quite a few famous faces and the experience was rewarding.” – Najmus Sahar, Room Crew

“ Love books + Live in Dubai = Volunteering at the LitFest!” – Laura Allais, Assistant Room Manager

Other comments from Festival Volunteers:

“The atmosphere and positive energy radiated by the organisers was incomparable to any event I have ever had the privilege to participate in.”

“I think the room managers that I worked with were amazing. They constantly kept everyone motivating and they were up to their task.”

“The leadership from the room managers was really good, my room manager was really helpful and a great leader and he made me feel very appreciated by the team which was good.”

“The LitFest team was extremely wonderful and so much fun to be around! It was a worthwhile experience. I’d definitely come back for next year.”

“Room Managers were also excellent and very helpful. The volunteers gelled well and we distributed the jobs easily. We all got the hang of the jobs and were able to understand our jobs really well.”

The volunteer application is closed.


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