Adnan Alaoda

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Adnan Alaoda is a Syrian author, screenwriter, playwright and poet based in the UAE.

His plays include Zabib, Al-mirwad wa almikhaleh and Khail Taiha, performed at The Arab Theatre Festival in Rabat, Morocco.

Alaoda has also written for television shows Finjan Al Dam, Touk and Ya Mel El-Cham.

His poetry collections are Sakran El-Majanine and Ana El Houri.

Alaoda has also written the documentary film Kalam hareem and his lyrics have been sung by Macadi Nahass, Lena Chamamaan, Iyad Rimawi and Rasha Rizk.

Alaoda earned degrees performing arts and journalism from universities in Syria.

He works as Event Manager at Al Rewaq Cultural and Artistic Event in Dubai.