Question Time with Noura Al Noman


Noura-Al-NomanQ. Which other EAFOL 2016 participant are you most excited about?

Brandon Sanderson

Q. Which book(s) are you reading now?

Foreigner by C. J. Cherryh

Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5 Billion Year History of the Human Body by Neil Shubin

The Kick-Ass Writer by Chuck Wendig

Q. Which literary character would you invite to dinner? And why?

Polgara, The Sorceress from David Edding’s Balgariad Series. She is 5000 years old and had dedicated her life to safeguarding the royal line of Riva. What kind of dedication is that? How does she keep going after all the things she had seen?

Q. There have been some interesting additions to the dictionary over the years. Which word would you remove?

No contest: “bruh”. (gag)

Q. Who would write/ illustrate the story of your life?

I’d rather it wasn’t. 😉