Rachel Hamilton

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Rachel Hamilton is an award-winning children’s author, so she spends her days either hibernating in pyjamas and making up madcap stories, or dressing up as a unicorn/mermaid/troll and telling those tales at schools, festivals and libraries.

Last year, as well as appearing as an author at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, she also moderated Christopher Edge’s creative writing workshops, where she had “all the fun” and decided she wanted more.

Although relatively new to the job of festival moderating, Hamilton ran focus groups for brands like Nestle, Sprite, McDonalds and Audi in her previous life as an advertising planner and copywriter, which was sort-of-similar, so she’s confident she can pretend she knows what she’s doing.

As a veteran of about eleventy billion school events, Hamilton is very happy speaking in front of large groups, particularly ones that contain children or adults in fancy dress.