Culture Shock from Madame Mao to American Soil: Anchee Min


EAFOL16 blogger Rebecca finds herself completely enthralled by Anchee Min’s tale

Culture ShockA gripping session with bestselling author Anchee Min had me on the edge of my seat as she shared memories and stories from her book The Cooked Seed.  It might have been the 30 seconds of Chinese opera at the end that sealed her in my mind as a ‘must see’.  In any case I had read The Red Azalea a few years ago so I was somewhat familiar with her story but seeing her in person and listening to her recount her memories was extraordinary. Having it so vividly portrayed in her slightly broken English really brought home that these stories are not fiction, they happened and she survived to tell the tale. I loved how the moderator encapsulated her using a quote from Rumi – and I paraphrase – you are not a drop in the ocean but you are an ocean in a drop. Compelling, human, honest and funny, Anchee Min is a true tour de force and I look forward to continuing my relationship with her through her latest book.