DESS Book Reviews


Scarlet Ibis by Gill Lewis

I would recommend this book for advanced readers 9-15 years of age, as this book might provide some difficulty for younger children. Scarlet Ibis is very detailed with its descriptions and it doesn’t just jump to the main point. This book has lots of sadness to it and will pull you in to read more. Scarlet Ibis is about a girl called Scarlet who will do anything to help her brother (for example risking herself by disguising as a boy and taking Red, her brother, out of a child-care home). As well as helping with her brother she also helps do her mum’s jobs, cooking, cleaning, etc. Until one day when she got something for her mum and then left for school and it all goes wrong… My favourite part in this book is when she has no choice but to stay with another family due to circumstances which mean she can’t live in her house. I rate this book… A MASSIVE 6 STARS!!!!!!!

WELL DONE Gill Lewis for writing this superb book!

By India Edmiston age 10

Charlie Merrick’s Misfits by Dave Cousins

I would recommend this book for ages 8-12. I liked this book because some bits were happy and others were slightly sad. This book is written very well and has great illustrations all by Dave Cousins. I mostly enjoyed how you can never expect what will happen next. I couldn’t put the book down! This book is all about football and a team called North Star Galaxy. The genre is drama and the book is fiction but it could happen in real life. It can be read by both boys and girls. I would give this book a rating of five stars!

By Jasmine Kenagy age 10

Archie’s War My Scrapbook of the First World War 1914-1918 by Marcia Williams


This book is all about the life of a family living during WW1. Uncle Teddy has been sent off to France to protect Paris and the people living there. This scrapbook shows daily life in this period for the families in London. This book is fun with flaps to open and letters to read from Uncle Teddy. There are well explained diagrams of trenches and pictures to give a strong vision of what is happening.

What I like:

I like this book because it switches between the trenches, the battlefields to the life in London. This is done using pictures and diagrams. This book is laid out like a comic with text bubbles, speech bubbles and more! I like the different range of characters because everybody is completely different with varied responses to different situations.

What I didn’t like:

I didn’t like parts of this book because despite the simple words in the content, the layout on some pages can sometimes be a bit crowded. Otherwise in general it is a good book.


It has pictures and diagrams but the wording used isn’t the most challenging. I rate this book as 3 stars because it isn’t the most imaginative story. In this story there is a little humour. I would say this book is for 7-11 year olds.

By Conor Batory age 10

Stick Dog Chases a Pizza by Tom Watson

I loved reading Stick Dog Chases a Pizza.  My favourite part was when Stripes found the kitten! But my favourite character was Karen because she gets so excited and is very funny.  I would recommend this book to my eight year old friends as well as older people. I give this book 5 stars.

By Freya Holden-MacDonald age 8