Meet the 2017 Authors! Sophie Le Ray


sophie-le-ray-bannerWho are you most looking forward to seeing at the 2017 Festival?

I am an avid reader so being part of the Festival is an absolute feast to me and I look forward to meeting a community of books’ lovers. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Izzeldin Abuelaish, the author of I shall not hate, a true inspiration to me. A man who has all reasons to make his life about despair, hate and vengeance but instead chooses to love. Reading his story was truly transformational, witnessing his courage, and capacity to turn evil into goodness made me reflect a lot on my blessed life, how I choose to face challenging situations and my contribution to others.

Which book has inspired you the most?

Without a doubt, the Bible. For its capacity to talk to me every time I open it.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Drink coffee, take a minute to thank God for my life, and then I usually go to the gym before starting my work day.

What is your life’s motto?

I try to make my life about the journey, not the destination, so to savour every step of it.

Our theme for the 2017 Festival is Journeys. Can you tell us which journeys in your life have been most memorable? 

I can’t separate one from the other, as I believe in life being a continuous journey towards understanding and embracing your purpose, what you have been created for. But some steps have been particularly memorable, such as accompanying my children in their growth, taking my business through the up’s and downs of entrepreneurship, championing for diversity and inclusion in the corporate world and fighting stereotypes about female leadership in this region. Everything is a work in progress, and that’s the exciting part. There is still so much room for adventures!