The School for Good and Evil Review


by: Soman Chainani

Summary: Sophie and Agatha are best friends, and they have heard of the legendary ‘school for Good and Evil’. Sophie loves doing good deeds, and spends a very long time on her looks. Agatha, however, doesn’t care much for anyone else, and wears the same shapeless black dress every day. But when they are taken to the school, they find themselves in the wrong schools, or so they think…

Did I like the book: I liked it, but didn’t LOVE it.

What I liked about the book: It was really exciting, and there were lots of unexpected twists. It was also a really wild book. What I mean by that is that the book was one of those books where dangerous stuff happened to the characters, and it made you think ‘please don’t die, please don’t die!’

What I didn’t like: There were a lot of unnecessary details, which made the plot a little difficult to follow.

Who I would recommend this book to: Anyone who likes reading, as I said earlier, ‘wild’ books.