Peter Hellyer

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Peter Hellyer, an Adviser at the UAE’s National Media Council, is author and editor of nearly 20 books on the UAE’s archaeology, history and environment. A founder of the Emirates Bird Records Committee, he was a close colleague of Simon Aspinall, co-author, with Richard Porter,  of The Birds of the Middle East and The Birds of the UAE.  His book, with Aspinall, The Emirates – a Natural History is the standard introduction to the UAE’s environment and wildlife.

Winner of the Sheikh Mubarak bin Mohammed Prize for Natural History in 2005, he received the Abu Medal in 2014 for his contributions to knowledge of the UAE’s history and wildlife.

A resident of Abu Dhabi for over 40 years, he became a UAE citizen in 2010. A member of OSME for over 30 years, he is a keen, but average, birder and, somewhat sadly, holds the record for the largest number of claimed 1sts that have been rejected by the EBRC because of unsatisfactory descriptions.